Hedge pruning & hedge trimming

Established hedges require regular trimming and pruning to help them remain healthy, dense and compact. If you leave a hedge unmaintained on your property you’ll very soon end up with it looking messy, casting unwanted shade and even causing problems for pedestrians on the boundary of your garden. Atkinson Tree Surgery of Milton Keynes, in addition to our outstanding tree pruning services, can trim, prune and shape your hedge.
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Hedge shaping

If you have a more formal hedge on your property then it may require shaping as well as pruning. Formal hedge shaping is usually undertaken twice a year and all our tree surgeons are also fully trained in formal hedge shaping techniques. We carry all the specialist tools and knowledge required to keep your hedge healthy and shaped to perfection.
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Atkinson Tree Surgery can help you with:

  • Hedge pruning
  • Hedge trimming
  • Formal hedge shaping
  • Formative pruning
  • Need us regularly? Contact us to enquire about a regular contract
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Environmentally friendly service

Hedgerows - informal, flowering and formal - all give a wonderful home to a diverse range of English wildlife. From birds nesting to bees feeding on flowers, our service takes this into account. We’ll happily advise you on the correct time of year to carry out pruning and shaping and tailor our service to take this into account. If you’d like to know more then contact us and chat to a member of our expert team.
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  • Mr & Mrs Doré - Bletchley

    “I engaged Atkinson Tree Surgery to carry out 3 items of work on my property, first to reduce the height of my Laurel \"hedge\" which had turned into trees! Then a leylandii hedge was reduced and carefully cut back so as to maintain as much green as possible. Lastly, the 2-man crew thinned out and carefully and sensitively pruned my 70 year old apple tree which had been badly cut back several years ago by an amateur landscape gardener. All arisings were carefully stacked on my front drive in front of the chipper and the whole lot taken away and all small items of debris swept up. I cannot fault the quality of the work carried out and the improvement to the look of the garden, plus the increase in light into the house is amazing. I thoroughly recommend Atkinson Tree Surgery and will not hesitate to use them again."


If you have a hedge which needs trimming, pruning or shaping, contact Atkinson Tree Surgery.

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