Tree crowning

It’s common for many trees in residential areas to eventually grow too big, posing potential health hazards. While it might seem obvious that the solution is simply to reduce the overall size of the tree, this is not always so. Doing so may considerably stress the tree creating even more safety implications in the process. 
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That’s why Atkinson Tree Surgery, based in Milton Keynes, highly recommends using the method of crown reduction to effectively deal with the safety implications. Crown reduction consists of removal of a certain percentage of the tree's overall height and size by evenly removing the ends of branches – in effect a more extensive and severe form of tree pruning. Our team are highly trained to carry out this technique, assuring our usual professional and safety-conscious manner.
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Crown reduction is useful for:

  • Reducing the weight of potentially dangerous limbs
  • Following a storm or bad pruning for instance, restoring the balance of a tree
  • Controlling the growth area of trees ensuring they don’t interfere with buildings or overhead cables
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Restricted access or dangerous position?

If your tree needs crowning because you simply haven’t been able to get to it because its positioned dangerously or access to it is restricted, then you’ve come to the right place. Atkinson Tree Surgery are experts at not only working in areas with restricted access but also with trees which may be in a dangerous position which you shouldn’t attempt to reach and other tree surgeons may well have turned you down for. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.
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  • Mr & Mrs O’Mahony

    “We have a 70ft ash tree located very close to the rear of our house that was in need of being reduced. The guys managed to reduce the crown by 40%, lowering branches into a very small area surrounded by houses. The clean up afterwards was great. Thank you so much to everyone involved, we now have light and no threat of pigeons dropping gifts onto us!”


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